Flag Cake Pan

"Show your red, white and blue
spirit on Independence Day!"


Are you looking for a flag cake pan for your 4th of July party?

The Wilton Star Spangled Flag pan is usually available on eBay.

While many of the ones up for auction don't have the color inserts with icing instructions, it is easy to use a current U.S. flag as a model.  There are 13 stars on the pan, depicting the original colonies.  

This is a great way to show your patriotism and when you buy pans from eBay, you will:

  • Save your precious time because it just takes a few minutes.
  • You will not have to spend a penny on gas!
  • Have an opportunity to get your money back by reselling it on eBay after the party, but many people will make this an annual part of the Independence Day celebration.

Go ahead -- place that winning bid right now!  If you have never bought anything on eBay, it's simple.  Click on the auction you want and they will let you register (for free) in a couple of minutes.  


If the pan you want is not there, just bookmark this page (press Control + D) and you come back and check whenever you want.     

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