Fishy Birthday Cake

by Jenny
(Columbus, OH, USA)

For my daughter's third birthday, she decided she wanted a cake shaped like a fish. So I decided to do a themed birthday party for her. I made fish-shaped invitations that said, "It's o-fish-al: Taryn is 3! Swim over and celebrate."

At the party we played a few simple games "fishing" behind the couch with a homemade fishing pole, and playing pin-the-party-hat-on-the-fish.

The cake was my favorite part. I made a square 9-inch cake, then cut it as follows. I made two cuts, creating the fish's oval-shaped body in the center of the 9" square. I was left with two roughly triangular-shaped pieces, one on top and one on bottom. One I used as the fish's tail, the point touching the body. The other, I cut in half and used as a top and bottom fin.

Don't worry if it looks funny unfrosted, because you can use frosting generously to cover up any errors. I decorated the fish's eye's and mouth with candy lifesavers and made bubbles, too. It was a really fun birthday.

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