First Birthday Cake Ideas

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First Birthday Cake

Your child's very first birthday party will be more for the parents, relatives, friends, and older siblings than for the birthday boy or girl him or herself. 

Fortunately, with digital cameras, you can take lots of pictures so he or she can see what it was like. 

The flavor of the cake can be your favorite flavor, since the baby will probably not be able to voice an opinion! 

Pretty Cake With A Single Candle 

You can go with a cake like the one pictured here for a girl, with white icing and pink decorations.

A single candle of any kind will do.  You can buy candles from the grocery in the shape of the numeral 1.

For a baby boy's first birthday, you can ice the cake with blue trim and other colors like yellows and reds for accents.

Cake Shaped Like The Number 1

You can make the entire cake in the shape of a number 1 with a special number cake pan.  You can pick one up on eBay pretty cheap or search around at a local store.

First Birthday CupcakeCupcake Birthday Cake

A handy (and inexpensive) idea is to decorate cupcakes.  

To make one like the one pictured here is simple.

Ice the cupcake with chocolate or vanilla frosting.  

Put some colored sprinkles on it.

Top it off with a candle in the shape of a number 1.

And voila! You have a cupcake birthday cake.

This is a good idea if you have a lot of young children at the party because they can each have their own cupcake.  

If you want to play around a bit, ice some of them in chocolate, some in vanilla, and some in various colors by taking white frosting and adding icing color gel, which can be picked up from Wal-Mart and many other stores.

Hopefully, some of these simple first birthday cake ideas will help you make the party fun for everyone who attends. 


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