Farm Cake

by Mandy K.
(Petersburg, TX)

It's about a week before my son's 2nd birthday, and he informs me he needs to have lots of animals on his cake. So this is where I came up with my farm cake.

It is very simple and anyone can make.

Everybody's farm looks different thats what makes this a great cake for newbies. You can make this cake with things most people keep around the house.

First the little farm animals that your kids leave all over the house. Well those go in the dishwasher to be clean and sterile.

Then you simply make your favorite cake (mix or scratch). While that is baking and cooling you will need to get ready to ice the cake. Again mix or scratch.

As for your farm it will be made out of sugar and coconut. You can color with food coloring depending on what you want to build.

For example coconut colored yellow and stacked in a pile makes great hay. I use sugar such as colored blue for the pond. Then simply place animals in the farm and it is great.

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