Fantasy Dragon Cake

by Tricia P.
(Kirkland, WA, USA)

Fantasy Dragon Cake

Fantasy Dragon Cake

This creation is a combination of many things which my youngest brother loves - cake, ice cream, and dragons! We usually just served scoops of ice cream alongside the cake, but after a little trial and error, I found a way to combine the two.

I first baked a single layer vanilla cake and a single layer chocolate cake (I used Betty Crocker boxed mixes, following all package directions.) I also purchased one tub of vanilla Betty Crocker icing, yellow and red decorating icing, black writing icing, and a pint of marble chocolate/vanilla ice cream (I used the Safeway brand.)

In addition to the above cake ingredients, you will need a platter/plate and four, 3-inch wide strips of parchment or wax paper, and a long butter knife or icing spatula.

After baking both cake layers and allowing them to cool completely, I started assembly.

1. Set out the pint of ice cream to allow it to soften slightly.
2. Dab a small amount of vanilla frosting in the center of the plate.
3. Place one layer of cake (either one) on top of the frosting on the plate. Tuck the strips of wax paper under the edges of the cake to help keep the plate clean later.
5. Slather the pint of softened ice cream on the bottom layer of cake. Place the second layer of cake on top.
7. Freeze the cake until the ice cream is firm.
8. Working quickly, remove the cake from the freezer and thoroughly cover it with the remaining vanilla frosting.
9. Freeze the cake again to firm up the ice cream.
10. Again working quickly, decorate the cake with your dragon.
11. Use a toothpick to create a line drawing of your picture. Fill in the picture with the colored icing, then outline it with the black icing.

This cake is best served right out of the freezer. For easy cutting, run your knife under hot water before each slice.

This cake can be made a thousand different ways - vanilla cake with strawberry ice cream and a butterfly decoration. Or you could use red velvet cake with chocolate ice cream and a bug decoration. Or you could even use lemon cake with lime sherbet and a flower decoration.

Use your imagination and tailor the cake to whatever your little one likes!

Editor's Note: Thanks very much, Tricia, for sending in a picture of this great cake. The detailed instructions will help anyone else who is looking to create a unique cake for the dragon lover in their family!

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