Fantastic Wedding Cake

by Jessica

Wedding Cake

Wedding Cake

Our wedding cake was created from a picture of a cake that I found on the internet, from a company in the UK. I like the three round tiers and the main focus is the chocolate


The cigarettes are around the outside of each layer. We had three layers, mostly because it was a very small reception, only 60 people. The cake is red velvet and the frosting is cream cheese.

I had never had red velvet cake before our cake tasting, so I fell in love with the flavor and the color. Our wedding colors were all shades of red so it fit in really well.

My husband doesn't really like cake so he left the decision up to me. The approximate cost was $300. The chocolate cigarettes cost us a lot of money, especially since we had to buy a whole case and have it overnighted, due to the July heat. They were worth every penny.

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