Family Made Wedding Cake

by J.M. Anguiano
(Evanston, IL USA)

Family Made Wedding Cake

Family Made Wedding Cake

We decided on having family make our cake because it was a lot cheaper. Besides, I grew up eating their cake and thought it was fantastic. If grandma spent most of her life baking who could top her?

Since our cake was created by family, they were also given the creative freedom on how to design it. My only request was that the icing was thin or substituted for something less sweet(I don't like icing) and that they use cheese cake as part of their recipe.

So what I got was a marble cake with cheese cake filling with some sort of cream like icing. It was great! Another great aspect about having family make the cake was that they were so excited to be apart of the wedding in a more intimate way. So the love, effort, time, and money was from their pocket. I have no idea how much money it cost them. I'm sure it's not more than $75 dollars.

As you can see from the picture, the end product was a whole lot of medium sized cakes (each served maybe 6 people) and one small cake left untouched to be preserved for our first anniversary (and yes it was still just as good as I had remembered it).

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