Family Cakes For Every Birthday

by Dave M.
(Dallas, TX)

We have a tradition in my household of having the entire family make and decorate each person's birthday cake every year. The only thing is that we all ask the birthday person to decide on the theme of the cake.

One year my son was turning 8 and wanted a race car cake so we ordered a special pan to form the cake then we all decorated in the colors he wanted and he was thrilled with the results.

My other son, 10 at the time, was a big baseball fan and wanted a cake representing his favorite team, the NY Yankees. It was easy to plan for this cake as we basically cut a sheet cake into the famous NY logo then used a separate cake to shape intersecting bats thru the logo. That was one of the better cakes that we made.

Usually my wife and I do the baking of the cakes as this is the most technical part of the process. We do take requests for flavor etc. and always try to deliver on what the birthday person wants - sometimes with great success, sometimes with failure - but we do try and even with the bad cakes, we always laugh about it because we did it all together.

The whole idea behind this birthday cake making was to bring the family together and all participate in making this a family event. It is easy enough to just buy a store bought cake and go with that, but when the whole family is involved in the cake making it really does give a special meaning to the day. It also lets the birthday person know that they are cared for and loved when the whole family partakes in this activity!

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