Fallen Castle Cake

For Emily's birthday cake this year, I was making a castle cake to go with the princess/prince theme. I have a book that has cakes in it and there was a great castle...or so I thought.

It used 3 square cakes, cutting out various shapes. I was trying to make the night before. In the middle of frosting it, one side started to fall down. I couldn't make it stay up, no matter what I did. Reed came into help but didn't really change anything so after a little bit of crying, I threw the whole thing away.

I needed to start again but there were 2 problems with that. It was after midnight and, more importantly, my oven was broken. We had discovered that earlier in the night. I had baked the other cakes at my sister's house, who lives right around the corner. I couldn't go over there at midnight and I couldn't make any more cakes in the morning (they do not get up as early as I do!)

So in the morning, I went to Wal-Mart and bought a cake. I scraped off some of the decorations that were on the cake and Emily and I decorated it to look like a castle when she got up. She had a blast so it all worked out in the end. The cake is not exactly what I had thought in my mind but it worked. Emily loved it.

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