Fall Wedding Cakes


Fall Wedding Cakes -- Bucking Tradition

Not all weddings happen in June, so bakers need to have themes suitable to all seasons. For the fall, there are many choices for themes appropriate to the season. An obvious choice is the harvest, with cakes bearing decorations representing the fruits gathered in this season, as well as the cornucopia. Baskets spilling out marzipan and fondant apples and pears and other seasonal produce are pretty and appropriate. 

Fall Wedding Cake

Closely related to the harvest would be cakes that reflect another part of fall celebration, Thanksgiving. For weddings near the Thanksgiving holiday, the cake can be adorned with pilgrims or their characteristic hats and garb, turkeys, stalks of grains and religious symbols for those who would appreciate that. A wedding is a time of thanksgiving for the couple and their families so a wedding cake that reflects this is very appropriate.

A fun approach to a fall wedding cake might take on a Halloween theme. A light-hearted and less formal Halloween cake could use almost any symbol of this holiday, from spiders and their webs to jack o lanterns. The traditional bride and groom cake toppers could be something as unique as a pair of skeletons in tux and bridal gown, or copies of the costumes bride and groom would actually wear. Characters from Halloween themed movies would also be fun as bride and groom. Those into a really “Goth” approach might even want a tombstone shaped wedding cake with the date and names on it instead of the usual epitaph. Other possibilities would be a black cat, a witch theme, or anything that conjures up Halloween, even a cauldron shaped cake. 

A very traditional mostly or all white cake can also subtly reflect the fall season. Decorations can use white on white autumn leaves or fruit to pay homage to the harvest time while being restrained and still formal. An entirely traditional wedding cake can also simply be displayed on a field of colorful autumn leaves on the table or next to some fruits of the harvest. Finally, the return of football season may herald an opportunity for fans to decorate their fall wedding cake with symbols of the sport, representations of tailgate parties, or the colors and symbols of a favorite college or professional team. As always, fit the theme to the personalities and interest of the bride and groom, whatever the season.



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