Everyone Loves To Hate Fruitcakes

by Anonymous

Everyone loves to hate fruitcakes. My family is included in that group also! Who eats those things anyways? Not us.

Seven years ago we received several fruitcakes during the holdiays. To my memory, this was the first year we had received any, and also the last year. Needless to say, the fruitcakes politely got pushed to the side, and easily forgotten.

Forgotten until March that is. My birthday is in March, and we had the birthday party at my house. It was my so-called "sweet 16." As I was sitting there opening presents, everyone was laughing. I was oblivious to the fact that somehow the fruitcakes had made a reappearance. I finally made it to the most awaited present, my boyfriend's. I failed to realize that it was in the same giftbag as one I had already opened. I eagerly dug in to get my present, only to find a bag of fruitcakes! I was humiliated! We had forgotten all about them, and they just sat there for three months. They made their exit from the house that night though!

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