Every Year, Another Fruitcake

by Rhiannon

What is it about fruitcakes? No other food item has gained such a strange reputation in popular culture. I must admit, I myself have never actually tried a fruitcake… my parents are a different story. Every year, they purchase one massive fruitcake, which they consume over the period of a month, eating a small slice each evening with a glass of sherry. With the opening of a new fruitcake, they ask my sister and me the same question- “How about trying a little piece of fruitcake with us?” In our younger days, we refused out of principle. This is, after all, a fruitcake! The gift you give to someone you don’t like! But now that I’ve grown up, I occasionally wonder, could it really be that bad? Maybe this year I’ll finally try a fruitcake… or not.

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