Elmo Cake

by Kristen
(Haddam, CT USA)

Elmo Cake

Elmo Cake

I have two-year-old twins so there were actually two of these cakes. My kiddos love Sesame Street, and adore Elmo, so that is why I made this cake. I have a boy & a girl (twins), both turning 2.

Tips on how to make the cake:

I bought an Elmo cake pan.

To use it right be sure to GREASE WELL with shortening and FLOUR LIBERALLY otherwise the cake will not come out of the pan.

Let the cake cool completely before frosting. Then start with the eyes, nose and mouth so you don't accidentally transfer color.

Get flavor free dye to dye the white frosting.

For dark colors, after you add the dye, the longer it sits, the darker it gets. You don’t necessarily need to add more dye, you can wait 5 or 10 minutes and it will darken.

I used a bunch of disposable pastry bags so I had all of my colors ready at the same time.

This was done primarily with a medium star tip, and small outlining tip.

Add a touch of water and smooth eyes and mouth with your finger.

If you are right handed, go left to right to fill in head so you don’t drag your sleeve in the frosting.

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