Elmo Cake Pan

"This Sesame Street character 
dates back to the 1980s"


Are you trying to find an Elmo cake pan?

The furry muppet with a red face and an orange nose remains a popular figure after more than two decades.  

If your child wants a cake, either with the full body or just the head, then eBay is the place to get it.  

Why use eBay, because:

  • You won't spend a dime in gas.
  • You will save time because the only time you will spend is to click on the auction search box below and find the pan you want. 
  • You can probably get a slightly used item at a good price.
  • You can resell it after using it.  
  • There is always a good supply of this item available on eBay. 
  • Most everything there is made by Wilton, so you are assured of getting the best.

If you need the item right away, go to one of the auctions with a "Buy It Now" button.  

If your son or daughter likes another character from Sesame Street or from another show or movie, just type the name into the form above. 

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