Elmo Birthday Cake

by Dawn Wood
(Tempe, AZ, USA)

Elmo Birthday Cake

Elmo Birthday Cake

For my son's 2nd birthday this past June I asked him what kind of cake he wanted. I had a bunch of cake pans and pictures of each character. They ranged from Scooby Doo to a Hot Wheels. He saw the one that was most familiar to him and said "Elmo Mommy." So that is what he got.

I got him a Funfetti cake. The one with the different colors in the middle. I prepared as directed. Made sure that the pan was greased very well. The many details on the Elmo pan all needed to be greased so I opted for the spray.

The frosting was probably the hardest. I got two vanilla containers of frosting and mixed in food coloring to get each color.

The cake was delicious. And my two year old loved it, as well as the rest of my family.

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