Egg Cake Pan


Are you trying to find an egg cake pan?

You should be able to do that in the next couple of minutes right here.  The eBay auctions that you see below are always live.

They usually contain a variety of cake pans in this shape, including the adorable Wilton Chick In Egg pan, the Wilton Easter egg pan, a Happy Easter version, and a variety of mini-egg pans. This can be great if you are looking for baby shower cake ideas.   

You should use eBay first because:

  • You will be able to save time as you shop with a mouse instead of a car.
  • Speaking of cars, you will save gas money by going with eBay.
  • You can bid low and name your own price

Try it out and place a bid right now!

If you are registering for eBay as a new user the process is easy and free.  


Shopping Tip: Try typing the name of any item in the eBay search box above to see how much money you can save.     

To help you compare, here are other sites that carry this item:

  • Cakesnkitchens has one for $8.50. 
  • eCrater lists one for $5.95, but shipping within the U.S. is $8.25.
  • Google Shopping has a good variety of this item from smaller merchants at various prices.


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