Easy Frog Cake

by Lee and Vickie
(Slidell, LA USA)

Cut Out Frog Cake

Cut Out Frog Cake

Cut Out Frog Cake
Finished Frog Cake

My wife and I made this frog cake from a recipe she found. It called for homemade icing, which came out too moist and was difficult to work with. It would be easier to use store-bought icing and green food color.

The body was made from one round, nine-inch cake. For the legs she used two Hostess Twinkies. The feet were made out of one cupcake that was cut in a jagged pattern. One cupcake was used for each eye.

Most of the icing was colored green with food color. A little bit was saved for the eyes so they could be colored white. A dark candy M&M was placed on the white of each eye and some black licorice was used to make the smiling mouth.

The cake was easy to cut out and decorate. The only slightly difficult part was cutting the cupcake to make the feet. But if you mess up you (or the kids) could eat the cupcake you do not use!

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