Easy Boy Birthday Cake

by Melissa
(Downers Grove, IL)

Easy Boy Birthday Cake

Easy Boy Birthday Cake

What makes my cakes fabulous is that my sons ask me to make them. I have watched my sister make gorgeous cakes for years and while mine are nowhere near as good as hers I am attempting the task because I'm asked.

For my kids this cake is fun because it's 2 flavors of cake in one cake. Mostly they choose to have chocolate on one side and vanilla on the other. But we've done half sprinkle cake and half red velvet, as well as half banana and half carrot (for my mom). This can be easily done by either pouring both batters in at the same exact time or putting a divider in that you can take out once both sides have been poured. But I'm sure you all knew that:)

I use a cream-cheese/butter cream frosting that my kids would eat with or without the cake. I whip it in the mixer prior to application which creates a smoother texture and less waste. And I use only Wilton brand dyes to create the colors for all my frosting (they make a wonderful cake release too). I try to keep it down to 3 - 5 colors which keeps cakes BRIGHT and low maintenance.

The other factor that makes it fun but also "easy" is my decorating choices. My sister spends tons of time planning out the design and drawing pictures and really creating a "masterpiece." (Which I totally admire and hope someday to achieve her level of expertise). I have my kids tell me some lines they'd like to see on the cake or describe the character that is their favorite (at that point in time anyway). I have found websites that sell fondant or edible art frosting in the characters that they like (one even used a picture of a toy that was no longer made). I frost the cake to a glass like finish, put on the fondant and embellish with their age and sayings in frosting to match.

In the end they feel they've been a part of this piece of edible art AND they are proud of what has come from their imagination.

Editor's Note: Thanks for sharing a picture of this pretty cake, Melissa. Our readers will appreciate all the information you shared about the thought process that goes on when creating cakes for your sons. I know they would love for you to send in more pictures in the future if you get a chance.

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