Easy Birthday Cake For First Birthday

by Lara

Easy Birthday Cake For First Birthday

Easy Birthday Cake For First Birthday

I had recently bought a cake decorating kit (bags and tips) and wanted to use it to make a birthday cake for my son, who was turning one year old.

I used boxed cake mix (yellow) and followed the directions to make two 8 inch cakes. I then followed the recipe for making buttercream icing included with the cake decorating kit.

This was my first attempt at using icing bags and tips, so I went with one that seemed the most user friendly - the star tip. I slathered white buttercream icing between the two layers and all over the top and sides. Then I colored the remaining icing blue and yellow. I marked out a number 1 in the middle of the cake using a toothpick, and then I simply started filling it in with stars. Then I went around the edge with stars.

People were pretty impressed that I had done the cake myself, and I was pretty happy at how well it came out with how little effort it took to do the stars!

Editor's Note: The cake looks really nice, Lara. Thanks for providing all the details about how you achieved this look.

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