Easy 50th Birthday Cake


"Create a colorful cake
for this special birthday!"


Looking for ideas for an easy 50th birthday cake? 

We threw together the one you see below in a matter of minutes.  

Colorful 50th Birthday Cake

It started with a store-bought strawberry angel food cake with a drizzle icing.  

We bought the large candles with the numbers "5" and "0."

We randomly placed different color M&Ms in two layers around the entire cake except for the place where the candles were.

Finally, we put some colored sprinkles all around.

Everything was purchased from Wal-Mart and the total cost was under $10.

If you are looking for some party favors for the big day or some ideas that go well beyond the "Over The Hill" theme, then we suggest that you check out this section of eBay.  

You just might come up with an idea to make his or her big day even more special and make it something that you and your family will remember forever!     


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