Dragon Cake

by Bill G.
(Trenton, NJ, USA)

Some kids never want the fun to stop. When my son turned 21 years old we celebrated by making a dragon cake and you can too.

The dragon was made with vanilla cake frosted all over with chocolate frosting and vanilla frosting accents for the dragon's eyes, nose and wings.

The most crucial item for making a dragon cake is the shape of the wings. I used some blank copier paper. Taped 2 pieces together to get a larger area and drew dragon wings. Since the cake was not a surprise I consulted my resident dragon expert, the "Birthday Boy."

After years of cards, role playing games, movies, books, he had very specific ideas for his dragon wings. If your cake is a surprise, or if you do not have a resident expert, it will only take a few seconds of searching for dragon images online. A dragon's wings are very much like a bat and bat images can also be consulted for ideas.

With the wings drawn on paper I simply cut the out with scissors and laid the wings on my serving cookie sheet to test for size. When I was satisfied with size and shape, I laid the cake on the cookie sheet. I then placed the paper pattern on top of the cake and cut along my pattern. In no time at all my dragon cake shape came to life. The extra bits of cake were quickly shared among the kitchen visitors and cake chef.

The cake was then frosted with a layer of deep dark chocolate frosting. The highlights for eyes, claws and wings were done with a fine tip and white frosting. Everyone was so delighted they could hardly wait for me to frost a few flames with strawberry frosting.

No matter what the age, dragon cake is a big success.

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