Dragon Cake Pan

"The fire-breathing version 
was made by Wilton in 1984!"


Trying to find a dragon cake pan?

The Wilton fire-breathing dragon mold is rare, but it can usually be obtained online at the world's largest auction site, eBay. 

If your child (or grown-up child!) loves dragons, having a cake depicting one is a great idea.  

Instead of wasting any time (or gas money) trying to find one, you can always see how many of this item is available on eBay from the link on this page. (Be sure to bookmark this page). 

The great thing about buying a rare item like this is that you can probably get your money back after the birthday party by reselling it on eBay.

Happy bidding!

If your birthday boy or girl is looking to have a different theme for this year's party, search for the right cake pan in the form above. 

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