Dora The Explorer Cake Pan

"Get a Dora The Explorer Cake pan 
with the click of a mouse at eBay!"

One of our readers made a Dora cake for her daughter's 3rd birthday. 

She found the pan at a craft store and followed the instructions included with it. You can get a Dora-shaped pan on eBay (see how below). 

Here are some tips she provided:

  • It helped to bake the boxed cake mix in advance and freeze it for a week first. 
  • I also made all the buttercream icing with a recipe from the Wilton website a couple days in advance and kept it in the fridge until the night before I needed to use it.
  • I set out the cake and icing to thaw before going to bed then iced the cake the next day and served it the following day. 

It turned out great! I've never taken a decorating class but was really pleased with the results.

The eBay search box below shows what is available right now to create this specialty cake. As soon as one auction expires, a new one takes its place so you can always see what's currently available.  Press Control+D to bookmark this page so you can return at any time to see what is on sale. 

If you want to look for a different birthday theme, just type in the name in the eBay form next to the "Search" button. 

Here are some great ideas and supplies for a Dora birthday party.

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