Dont make fruit cakes with a three year old!!

by Lynsey
(United Kingdom)

I'm kind of torn on this whole discussion of love them, hate them, you see I have just recently completed a cake decorating course and discovered that I fall into both categories. I love love the smell and the perfect surface they provide for icing and decorating, but I hate the taste!

However, this is not why I'm writing. As already stated I completed a cake decorating course just before Christmas and decided to decorate 12 fruit cakes as prizes in a charity fund raising event I was hosting. I selected the best fruitcakes I could find and spent a week covering them with marzipan and icing before I proceeded to bring them to life with various Christmas figures also made completely from icing. At the time I didn't see the harm of allowing my three year old daughter to sit along side me with her own bit of icing to play with except for the fact that I had to stop every 5 minutes to wipe her sticky hands from where she had been licking the icing.

How wrong could I have been! I was feeling quite proud of myself on the night of the event as my beautiful cakes sat in the centre of the room, and then were won or bought by people attending the event. I was so proud at the amount of money that I had raised by creating something with my own two hands, so you can imagine my sheer horror whilst on the drive home that evening when I remarked to my husband "I just hope the figures stay stuck to the cakes and don't fall off, i'm not sure how well edible glue sticks!" At which point my young daughter piped up "oh it's ok mummy they're stuck really good, they wont fall off." I smiled and answered "you think so darling?" Her response..."I know so mummy because I licked them all to make them extra sticky!" Oh the shame! I've certainly learnt my lesson and won't be making them again with help from a toddler!!

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