Dolphin Cake

by Samantha
(Denver, CO )

Dolphin Cake

Dolphin Cake

My niece wanted a cake with a dolphin on it for her 7th birthday. The two-layer 8" cake was made from a regular box mix. It was then covered in a layer of buttercream icing and marshmallow fondant.

The marshmallow fondant is very easy to make and work with, and tastes much better than regular fondant. The recipe I used called for a 16oz. bag of marshmallows, 1 lb. of sifted powdered sugar, and about 4 tbs. of water. The marshmallows and water are put in a large microwave safe bowl and microwaved until they become soupy and uniformly melted. With a wooden spoon, I gradually added the powdered sugar and mixed until the fondant is cool enough to touch. I then turned it out onto a counter top greased with Crisco (it helps to put a light coating on your hands to prevent sticking), and kneaded until all of the sugar is mixed in. If the fondant cracks, more water can be added.

I used about 3/5 of the fondant to cover the cake, and reserved the rest for decorating. When rolling out the fondant to cover the cake, be sure to grease your rolling pin with Crisco to prevent sticking. It should be rolled out to about 1/8 of an inch. I used gel icing colors to tint the remaining fondant for decoration. It helps to wear food safe plastic gloves when kneading in the coloring as to prevent staining your hands.

The dolphin was modeled in a nice gray that was achieved using a delphinium blue and a small amount of black coloring. The waves were colored teal, rolled out and cut with a knife, then wrapped around the cake. The boarder and number "7" were made by rolling out pieces of fondant into snake-like pieces and twisting two pieces together to make a rope. Finally, I used plain white buttercream icing and a #3 plain tip to pipe the water splashes around the dolpin, and a #18 star tip to pipe the hot pink stars on the boarder.

Editor's note: That is a gorgeous cake, Samantha! It is going to provide lots of helpful ideas for others who are looking to make a cake like that.

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