Doll Cake Pan


Are you looking for a doll cake pan for your daughter's birthday?

You can find the right pan to make her birthday cake one she will remember among the live eBay auctions below.

At different times we have seen the Wilton Rainbow Brite doll with star, the Wilton Classic Wonder Doll cake mold, a Raggedy Ann, a Cabbage Patch, a Barbie princess bride, and others.   

Use eBay because:

  • It will save time for you because the searching and the shopping can be done online in minutes.
  • You'll save gas money since you are shopping online.
  • You can even choose to sell the item on eBay after her party to get some of your money back. 

Try it out and place a bid right now!

If this is going to be your first time using eBay you'll be glad to know that registration is free.  


Hot Shopping Tip: Use the eBay search box to find good deals on other items you want.     

Here are some websites so you can compare to the eBay prices:

  • Frosty's Collectibles had the Wilton Classic Wonder Mold for $19.75. 
  • Into The Oven has a Magic Line version of the wonder mold for $14.95.
  • Google Shopping has lots of others for less than $20.

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