Dogs Avoid Fruitcake

by sherry
(Spartanburg, SC USA)

To my everlasting shame, I have indeed regifted a fruitcake when I was young and broke. I even laughed about it. A lot.

I really like fruitcake but I cannot abide it if it is not homemade. I prefer fruitcakes that contain dates rather than raisins since I abhor the raisins. They get kind of gooey and gross when they are baked in a cake.

I think the funniest fruitcake tale I know is about the fruitcake even the dogs wouldn’t eat. My mother can cook anything now, but back in the day she could not bake anything other than her world famous biscuits.

One year, she made this awful fruitcake but nobody would eat it. She threw it into the back yard for the dogs and there it remained. We laughed until it hurt. To this day, she gets huffy when we tease her about that fruitcake. She never made another one, either.

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