Dog Fight Airplane Cake

by Ann

Dog Fight Airplane Cake

Dog Fight Airplane Cake

For my son's eight birthday, I created an air battle on top of his birthday cake. My father is a retired Air Force pilot and his stories thrill all of us, especially my son. So, I decided to make one of those stories the theme for the birthday cake decorations. (It's a fun idea for any boy that loves airplanes!)

I did not use a special pan, but just the normal 8" round pans. I followed the directions on a store-bought cake mix, cooked it, removed the two layers and let them cool. Then, I put each round layer into a large zip-lock baggie. (Each received it's own baggie.) I put them in the freezer to become solid. Usually, I'll make them a few days ahead of the date needed and take them out when I'm ready to decorate, but all you need is a few hours to harden. I find that it's easier to work with frozen cake and when it thaws, it's very moist. (Caution: icing will stiffen quickly when it's put onto a frozen cake, so work fast. Also, allow at least four hours to defrost before serving. This can include the time it takes to decorate.)

Sometimes, I'll cut the frozen cake into a shape, but for the airplane cake I kept it the classic round shape. I iced them sky blue and decorated the sides with white icing clouds. I made two big cotton ball clouds for the top of the cake. I pulled the cotton balls apart and twisted them up a little to make the clouds.

I found birthday candles that spelled "Happy Birthday" and placed them among the cotton balls clouds. I also bought two old timer airplanes for the dog fight and placed them on top of the cake, too. They created a fun story and my son loved the extra gift of the toy airplanes. If you don't have a lot of time to create a fancy cake, this is a fun way to use a kid-friendly theme to spice up your traditional birthday cake decorations!

Editor's Note: That's a wonderful cake, Ann! Thanks for sending in the picture and providing all the detailed information on how you created it.

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