Divine and Heavenly Fruitcakes

Fruitcakes have been a passion of mine since childhood. Dense, spicy, nutty and fruit-filled, I adore a good fruitcake. It's unfortunate that fruitcakes are only celebrated once a year...I'd love to eat them all the time!

My experience with fruitcakes shows that ordering them from a reputable company is the best way to enjoy this treat. I've tried my hand at making them at home, and with poor results. I even resorted to making fruitcake cupcakes, thinking that may be a better way, and to no avail. My renditions were dry and hard and not at all tasty.

The fruitcakes I love are moist and drenched in alcohol. An older relative made fruitcakes every Christmas, and I wish I was able to create what she had mastered. Because I love fruitcakes so much, many people will give me the fruitcakes they receive each Christmas...surprisingly, most folks don't eat these delicious cakes. Their loss is my gain!

As a child, what I enjoyed most was the candied fruit, but as an adult, I just love every bit.

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