Dinosaur Cake

by Abi A.
(Waco, TX)

Dinosaur Cake

Dinosaur Cake

My son wanted a dinosaur cake for his 6th birthday. I made a 9 x 12 chocolate cake. I then cut the ends of the cake and stacked it to create the cliffs and volcano...using canned chocolate frosting as the glue. Then I frosted the tops, but had to heat the frosting in the microwave and pour over the areas of cut cake and smooth with a spatula.

I designed it to have a waterfall and volcano. Using white canned frosting that I tinted with food coloring, I made the river/waterfall and green icing with a leaf tip for the grass and leaves and red tube icing squirted into the volcano top and a few lines of "lava" down the sides. The trees and dinosaurs were store-bought figures from Michael's (1 dino toob and 1 tree toob).

Once I finished "making the landscape", my son helped me place the figures into the scene! Great fun and really so easy but looks like it was a lot harder to make than it was.
A bonus was sticking the candles in and around the volcano so it looked like it was on fire.

Editor's Note: Fantastic cake and great pictures! Thanks for sharing, Abi. Our readers will love this.

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