Dinosaur Cake

The dinosaur cake ended up being easy to make. Some green icing. A couple of cake pans and some cutting and pasting.

We were surprising our 6-year old daughter with a trip to Disneyland on her birthday, so we had her party one day early. She didn't know about either, but was surprised with the cake, her friends a day early, and of course the flight and trip to California.

I was happy to make a cake that was not flowers or a princess for my daughter. She wanted a dinosaur party and the cake was key to making her simple request come true.

What do you need? 2 round cakes. The back is 1/2 of a round cake. The head is the other half. The tail and neck are another round cake with the center cut out - like a donut. Cut roughly in half. Stick together with icing and add some candies and chocolate for the face.

This is easy and fun.

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