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Article: How To Make A Diaper Cake

Chances are, you've seen these things make the rounds at baby showers, and been impressed at how many "oohs" and "aahs" they elicit from the mom-to-be and guests. But who wants to spend eighty or a hundred bucks on what is essentially a lot of Huggies all wrapped up nice and pretty? If you've ever wondered how to make a diaper cake as an inexpensive and fun baby shower gift, read on for some simple instructions. 

First things first: you'll need some diapers. Some moms prefer cloth, and others prefer plastic, so make sure you know the choice of the mom-to-be ahead of time. Regardless, you'll probably want diapers with some color (pink or blue, or yellow for those who don't yet know the sex of the baby) and cute designs (teddy bears, bows, building blocks, etc.). Just peruse the aisles of your local grocery (for plastic) or baby (for cloth) store, and pick out the cutest ones you can find! 

You'll want to buy at least two or three packs, and try to get diapers of various sizes (he or she won't stay in size 2's for long)! Some other goodies you'll want to purchase include ribbons and bows, colored cellophane, a piece of cardboard for the base, rubber bands, and dowels. Oh, and it is also fun to buy some small gifts to hide among the layers, such as small trial sized baby bath or lotion, coupons or gift certificates, and small baubles and toys. 

To roll a diaper, start at the top and roll up tightly. Hold it together with a rubber band. Roll about six diapers, and then take a second, bigger, rubber band, and insert them all into it so that they form a cylinder. You will now have a single "layer". Repeat with about fifteen diapers, and then again with about thirty. This will form the middle and bottom layers (you can use different numbers of diapers to make different sized cakes or a different number of layers). 

Now comes the fun part. To assemble it, place the biggest layer on the round piece of cardboard. Place the middle layer on top, using wooden dowels to secure it. Repeat with the top layer. Make sure to hide your small gifts inside the layers of the diaper cake! 

To finalize the "cake," wrap up the whole creation with colored cellophane and ribbons. Decorate in any additional way you choose. Some people like to top the "cake" with a larger gift, such as a soft doll or stuffed animal. However you choose to decorate it, you can be sure it will be the most talked-about gift at the baby shower!

We hope that you've found these diaper cake instructions helpful.

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