Deliciously Soft Tiramisu (Italian Cold Cake)

by Alexandra Bellogini
(Milan, Italy)

Happy Birthday Tiramisu

Happy Birthday Tiramisu

The ingredients needed are:

1) 500gr of Mascarpone (Italian cream cheese)
2) 4 Eggs
3) 4 Teaspoons of sugar
4) 6 cups of coffee
5) cocoa
6) 500gr Savoiardi biscuits

First make the coffee and put it into a soup plate (or similar): you will need to dip the savoiardi biscuits into the coffee.

Then in one bowl mix (with a mixer if you want) the egg yolks (put the egg whites into another bowl), the sugar and the mascarpone. I suggest to put the mascarpone in the bowl first, then the egg yolks and then the sugar.

Then in the second bowl beat the egg whites stiff (you must be able to lift the egg whites).

At this point mix the egg whites with the mascarpone (and etc) with a spoon. BE CAREFUL, you must be delicate!!!

Use a high rectangular container (it is best if it is glass, plastic can be used instead).

1) Make one layer of savoiardi biscuits. Remember to dip them into the coffee (and be fast)
2) Over the biscuits place a layer of the mascarpone and etc making the layer in such a way that it covers the biscuits.
3) Siv the cocoa covering all of the layer 2.

Repeat these three steps until you have filled the container. On top of the last layer of cocoa you can choose to write something with smarties or any of the mascarpone mix or chocolate drops or anything similar. In the photo, I used the mascarpone mix with chocolate drops.

Note that you can put the chocolate drops into the mascarpone mix as well and it comes just as goooooodddd!!!!

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