Decorated Easter Egg Cake

by Lee
(Slidell, LA USA)

Iced Easter Egg Cake

Iced Easter Egg Cake

Iced Easter Egg Cake
Easter Egg Cake Pan
Preparing Easter Egg Cake Pan
Three Colored Icing

We bought an Easter egg cake pan from eBay for $9.95, which included shipping. To prepare it we coated the pan with Crisco baking sticks and used a Betty Crocker White Super Moist cake mix. It took almost 40 minutes in the oven at 350 degrees to get the cake fully cooked.

It was then iced with the three colors of icing shown. A Wilton star tip was used for all the colored icings and a wavy line tip was used for the white.

The cake came out great and we were fortunate enough to have Derek Holmes, an accomplished artist who was visiting that night, apply the icing. His mom, Vickie, was kind enough to bake the cake.

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