Death By Chocolate Cake

by Ally

Death By Chocolate Cake

Death By Chocolate Cake

My little brother loves chocolate (especially my chocolate cake that I make from scratch), and so, instead of buying one from the grocery store, he asked me to make this for him instead! He was turning seven, and was very excited about it.

To prepare it, I put butter and sugar into my mixer and beat until light and fluffy (about seven minutes). Then, I added the eggs, vanilla, and cocoa powder. While that was mixing, I placed the dry ingredients (all-purpose flour, baking soda, baking powder, and salt) in another bowl. I also placed buttermilk and hot water into another cup, and I alternated between adding this mixture and the flour mixture.

I divided the batter into three pans and baked them at 350 degrees for about 45-50 minutes. For the frosting, I just made a simple chocolate buttercream frosting using both melted chocolate and cocoa powder. I frosted, and then poured a ganache on top and sprinkled with mini chocolate chips.

This cake is quite literally a death-by-chocolate cake! The picture I'm submitting isn't the best, but I couldn't find my cake spatula that day to smooth the frosting on correctly. The next time I make it, I'll submit another!

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