Darth Vader Cake Pan

"He began as Anakin Skywalker
and became Dark Lord of the Sith"


Looking for a Darth Vader cake pan?

The character, who came to represent the dark side of the Force, began life as a humble slave and then went through some major changes.   

Vintage cake pans, depicting the sinister character, are not easy to obtain. There are usually some available on the eBay auctions, however.

Be prepared to bid high if you want one bad enough.

The bright side is that once you have made the birthday cake, you can always sell the pan back to someone on eBay. With the popularity of Star Wars memorabilia, you will be able to receive a good price for it if you want to sell it back.    

The auctions below are current and update automatically. Bookmark this page by pressing Control D and you can return at any time to see what's for sale 

If you are searching for other Star Wars characters, just type in the name in the eBay box. 

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