Daisy Cake Pan


Have you been looking for a daisy cake pan?

You can probably find it easily right here.  The (live) eBay auctions below usually feature some.

At different times, we have seen a Nordic Ware cupcake pan that makes 10 daisy cupcakes, a Wilton 4-tier pan in this shape, a Wilton Dancing Daisy, among the auctions.  

By using eBay to get this item:

  • You'll save time (since you can find and bid on the one you want in minutes).
  • You'll also save gas money since you are shopping with your mouse instead of running around in your car.
  • You can bid low and you only have to buy it at a price that is acceptable to you. (You can also re-sell it on eBay if you want). 

Make a bid now; you may get lucky!

First time eBay users can register for free and there is no charge for making a bid.  


Tip: You can save money on anything by using the eBay search box above. Just type in the name of the item you are looking for.     

Here are other online sites with this item:

  • Bed Bath & Beyond has featured the Wilton Dancing Daisy pan for $11.99. 
  • Birthday in a Box has a Wilton pan listed for $16.99.
  • Google Shopping has other pans in this shape for under $15.


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