Daisy Cake And Tank Cake

by Annie B

Daisy Cake And Tank Cake

Daisy Cake And Tank Cake

Well my, wedding was in November, and my husband is in the Army. He got to come home just for a few days so that we could get married.

The cakes are very different. My cake, which was 4 tiers high, the bottom one being 20" was butter cream icing which a strawberry cake. (My favorite and I wanted it to be different) up to the top tier which was 8". With daisies all around it.

The Groom's cake is a Tank - thought it was the best thing since he was in the Army and all. The cake was Marble - white and chocolate.

The cake was made by a very good friend that at the time was going to pastry school. So the cost was very litle - we got both cakes for $200.

We were able to feed 300 people of the 2 cakes.

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