Creative Birthday Cake Ideas

Article: Creative Birthday Cake Ideas


In a world where commercial items are ruling there is hardly any place left for one's unique imagination. There is no more need to create a cake, you can just go and buy one with your child's favorite cartoon character painted on it. 

Create Memories That Last A Lifetime

But why not make the kid's birthday cake unique, something he or she will remember as something their mommy created for them. 

Creative birthday cake ideas are ones that can take a little while to come up with but it is not as hard as you might think. 

What To Consider 

What are your child's interests?  Do they have any special cartoon characters that they love? 

What about their favorite toy? 

What does your son or daughter like most? 

Colors and Candles

Once you find the answers you should also find out about favorite colors. The colors are what's going to attract the eye of the child and make it fun. 

The candles should match the color scheme of the cake by either complementing the color or contrasting them, for example red candles on a mainly pink cake would be complementing the color, red candles on a cake with mostly black on it would be contrasting. 

The Main Design

After all that deciding and toiling over ideas it's time to get down to work. The main design should most definitely be on the top of the cake and should not run down the sides too much. 

A complementing pattern can run on the sides with ease without disturbing the top design, for example, if you are doing a fish design then waves on the side may make the design a unique and attractive one. Adding blue candles to the mix would complement the “sea” theme you're going for. 

When you really think about it, designing a truly unique cake can be done with your simple imagination, and the sky is the limit with your imagination so go nuts. 

Do a Google Image Search

A Google image search came up with some clever cakes, including one that was decorated like a plate with bacon and eggs on it. There were also some gorgeous castle cakes, one made out of Tootsie Rolls, some colored like a rainbow, some with sports balls for that athlete in your family, as well as many others with beautiful colors. 

No matter where you get your ideas from, unleash your creativity, have some fun, and bake a cake that your son or daughter will always remember. 

Believe me, it will be worth every minute of your time! 



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