Cowboy Cake Pan


Been trying to corral a cowboy cake pan?

You have come to the right place because you can usually find one here among the auctions from eBay that appear below.

They usually have two or three different kinds available.  One is the Wilton Western boot cake pan.  There is also the Wilton Li'l Cowboy pan.  Sometime the auctions also contain the Wilton Li'l Cowboy girl roper.

Snag a deal on this item at eBay and you will:

  • Save time because the searching and purchasing can be done in minutes.
  • Save gas money and wear and tear on your car because you'll be able to keep it in the garage .
  • Be able to re-sell the item on eBay after the birthday to get some of your money back. 

Take a shot and make a bid now!

Did you know that first time eBay users can register for free?  


Hot tip to save you money: Use the eBay search box above to check for the prices of any items you want.     

Here are some of the online sites that have this pan so you can compare with what eBay has:

  • The only place with a reliable supply besides eBay was Google Shopping.

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