Cowboy Boot Cake

You can make this unique cake with things you might already have at the house.

This cowboy boot cake is different and colorful. It is relatively easy to make, (but does take two days to complete).     

How To Cut A Cowboy Boot Cake

My wife baked a 9-inch by 13-inch cake.  She used a store-bought yellow cake mix.

The cake was then frozen overnight.  Freezing the cake made it much easier to cut.  

Cutting the Frozen Cake

First you cut a two-inch strip across the top.

Then cut two-and-a-half inches from the right side to make the smallest piece at the top-right of the photo.

Next, you cut two-and-a-half inches along the right side of the largest piece remaining. 

You end up with four pieces that are very different in size.

A good, solid serrated kitchen knife will be fine for cutting the cold cake. 


Assembling the Cake

The next picture shows how to assemble the pieces that you cut out.


How To Assemble A Cowboy Boot Cake

The largest piece is placed on the right side, a couple of inches from the top of a cardboard cake board that is covered in aluminum foil.

The second-to-largest piece is placed below the largest piece as shown.

The third-largest piece is placed on the lower left side of the cake.  It is the sole of the boot.

The smallest piece goes on the lower right.  It is the heel.

While the cake is still cool and before it is iced, you want to use a serrated knife and round off the the top of the boot slightly, as well as the toe area, top and bottom.  

Also trim the back edge of the heel slightly.  

Icing the Cake

Using a homemade cream cheese frosting (you can get an easy recipe for that on the Internet) we put a crumb coat on the entire cake with a thin layer of the cream cheese frosting and set it in the refrigerator for an hour. 

It takes longer to do this step, but it locks in the crumbs and when you put on the final layer of cream cheese frosting it has very few of those annoying crumbs in it!

Another step we used was to smooth the frosting by applying a paper towel (like the ones you use everyday in your kitchen) and patting it down gently.  It smoothens out the icing and gives it a professional look that your family will notice.          

Decorating the Cake

After the cream cheese frosting is smoothed out it's time to put some color on your cowboy boot cake!

Decorating A Cowboy Boot Cake

We used some store-bought chocolate icing with an icing bag and a small Wilton tip and outlined the entire boot, top and bottom.

Then we put two lines of chocolate icing from top to bottom.  We used a knife and a paper tape measure to get the lines a straight as possible before putting the chocolate icing on.

Then we made the chocolate line that you see in the middle part of the boot just above my wife's hand in the picture.

The toe and heel areas of the boot were filled in with chocolate icing, as were a few other areas.

Finally, we placed some regular M&Ms for color and the cake was done!  


The Finished Cake

The last picture shows the completed cake.

Everybody that has seen the picture thinks it is adorable.

Cowboy Boot Cake


It would be great for a birthday for a little (or big) boy that loves horses!

We got the idea for this cake from a Taste of Home magazine that was for December/January 2001 (the date is not a misprint; it was an old magazine)! 









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