Courtney's Strawberry Cake

by Rick C.
(Birmingham, AL, USA)

Courtney's Strawberry Cake

Courtney's Strawberry Cake

I wanted to do something special for Courtney so I made her a cake with her favorite flavor, strawberry. I was interested in how to make a cake with four tiers stand upright and not slide around the serving tray.

I bought some boxed strawberry cake, whipped icing, and some of those crunchy sugar decorations kids like and two types of candles. I baked the cakes in these large gauge aluminum cake pans I got from the local restaurant supply store. They were coated with spray oil and flour prior to adding the mix.

The cakes came out of the oven, baked to perfection. I let them cool and then ran a knife around the edges of the pans and out came the first two layers. I laid them on cooling racks while I washed the pans and repeated the same prep steps for the next two layers. Once those were out of the oven, on the cooling racks, I began the work to construct the cake.

For three of the layers, I took a large bread knife I have and sliced the tops so that they were level. The last layer would retain its baked top to make a smooth surface. I laid down strips of wax paper around the base of my plate to prevent any icing dropping onto the clean glass. I did put a dollop of icing directly onto the center of the glass to secure the first layer, and then liberally added icing to the top of each trimmed layer to secure it and the layer above it together.

With the final layer on top, I put the rest of the whipped icing and began to smooth it down and shape the icing onto the cake. It's much easier to add all the icing at first rather than performing this incrementally. It seems that the cake tears more easily after icing has been applied and you try to add more. Satisfied with the icing, I slid out the pieces of wax paper and I had a clean surface around the cake and some icing on the paper to give the kids.

I finished decorating the cake with the hard sugar decorations and it looked perfect. Several of our friends asked where we got the cake and were surprised to find out that it was made at home.

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