Computer Birthday Cake

by Janice

Computer Birthday Cake

Computer Birthday Cake

The first time since we were married, I made my husband a 36th birthday cake like a computer on a desk.

I made two regular boxed cakes. WIth one I cut the monitor, keyboard and mouse out of one of the cakes and placed them on top of the other cake that stayed whole.

He is a computer programer so it fit with his work theme. I used black wire to connect the mouse and the keyboard to the computer. To make the curly cord I just wrapped the wire around a pencil and slid it off the end and it stayed curled.

It was a plain vanilla cake with vanilla frosting. I used some frosting tips to create the lines, knobs, and "c prompt" (back then we did not have a windows desktop).

He and our kids enjoyed it. It was fun to make.

Picture is included.

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