Colorful Christmas Cake

Do you want to surprise your guests this year for the holidays?

This colorful Christmas cake is easy to make and will be fun to do with the kids or grandkids.     

Green And Red Cake Batter

To make it we used a box of Betty Crocker SuperMoist Vanilla Cake Mix purchased from our local grocery.

The batter was prepared according to the instructions on the box, then divided evenly into two mixing bowls.  

One half was colored green with food color.  The other half was colored red.  Red food color is always tricky to work with because the batter will look more pink than red.  Just keep adding a few more drops of red food color and stirring until you get the desired red color.    

The cakes were baked according to the instructions on the package.  We used eight-inch metal baking pans, but you could use a 13 by 9 sheet pan and make the cake itself plain white.  Or you could make it green or red, depending on your preferences.

Or you could even make cupcakes and let the kids or grandkids help you decorate them.  

Decorating the Cake

We decided to put the green layer on the bottom and then top it with a thick layer of Betty Crocker Rich & Creamy Vanilla Frosting.  Any store-bought vanilla or white frosting will do.  You could even use your favorite homemade vanilla frosting recipe!

Then the red layer was placed on top and frosted along with the sides of the cake.  We used a thick layer of frosting to help the decorations stick.  (Make sure you get two cans of frosting).


Decorating Colorful Christmas Cake

The first decoration used was red and green Wilton Nonpareils Sprinkles, but you could use any brand of sprinkles as long as they are red and green.

We threw some Wilton white sparkling sugar sprinkles on top as well.

Next came the green and red hard peppermint candies.  They were placed on their edges all across the top of the cake and some were placed on their sides along the bottom of the cake plate.

Red and green M&Ms were placed along the top and sides of the cake and around the bottom of the cake.  You can buy holiday M&Ms in green and red.  (Word of advice from Vickie: don't let your husband eat your decorations while you are working on the cake.  Thanks to him we ran short of the regular red and green M&Ms and I had to supplement with peanut M&Ms)!

Colorful Christmas Cake


We added some little, light-green Wilton sparkly sprinkle thingies.  We had them in the pantry but the label had fallen off.

After that we added some red and green spice drops (we call them gum drops).  

The final touch was some red, green and white Twinkling Tree Sprinkles that we bought from Hobby Lobby.  

When making a colorful Christmas cake like this you could use any decorations as long as they were the proper colors.  


Colorful Christmas Cake Cut Open


Here's what the cake looked like after it was cut open.  We had some friends over and the cake was half gone before I could get a picture of it!  

The idea for this cake came from a picture of a decorated holiday cheesecake in the Taste of Home 2010 Best Holiday Recipes magazine.

The cake tasted delicious and our friends loved to.  The grandkids thought Grandma was pretty awesome to make such a neat cake!

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