Coffee Cake


The Coffee Cake, unlike many others, started out as a simple sweet treat to have while enjoying a cup of joe. 

It does not have a single inventor, but rather was an evolution throughout centuries and mostly European counties. It is believed that the first ones appeared in Germany in the late 1700s.  

They originally started out as breads with yeast, flour, sugar, and eggs. Now, however, the recipes have grown as varied as the people that create them. They include nuts and fruit, chocolate, yogurt, and many other additions. 

Recipes were brought to the United States by immigrants from Germany and Scandanavia who enjoyed them during their Kaffeeklatcsh, which was a great way to do a little gossiping while consuming their favorite pastries and beverages.    

This page has dozens of recipes for the tasty treat.  

This free recipe has 11 ingredients and the baking time is 30 minutes.

Betcha didn't know that this sweet goodie has its own day -- April 7. 


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