Claxton Fruitcake Samples

by Jacqueline H.
(Western Massachusetts)

When I was five and six years old, the late 1960s, we lived with my grandparents. My grandmother was always looking for ways to make money, to finance her world travels. She sold custom imprinted Christmas cards each year, from huge albums of samples.

She also took orders for Claxton Fruitcakes. There were samples for those too, little square slices each in its cellophane wrapper. I just loved them, and was always begging to be allowed to eat them! They were so little and cute!

Claxton Fruitcake is totally imprinted on my brain, and the holiday season has not truly begun till I have bought one...and usually eaten at least a quarter of it all at once! My husband won't touch fruitcake, even his mother's homemade stuff, which just leaves more for me!

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