Classic Ivory Wedding Cake

by Emily T.
(Charleston, IL, USA)

Classic Ivory Wedding Cake

Classic Ivory Wedding Cake

A wedding cake is, of course, a very personal thing, largely dependent on what strikes you as beautiful at the time you pick it out. I spent many hours with,, Google, and various bridal magazines, looking at pictures to decide which style fit me best.

I decided that a classic white (or in this case, ivory) cake with traditional embellishments would be best for me. It was done in buttercream icing with edible sugar details like the pearls and flowers (not the real ones, of course). She used a slightly darker ivory icing for the details, matching my dress. At the top she added our initials, and while that was probably edible too, we peeled it off before eating the cake. The flowers were done by my wedding florist, though it was all done in concert with the cake maker, as she drew up a drawing of exactly what the cake would look like 1) so I would know and 2) so we could take it to the florist for reference.

We chose to have 4 tiers of white cake for several reasons:

1) Based on her experience, our baker believed the 3 bottom tiers would be sufficient to feed the 150 guests at my wedding if cut by a professional cake cutter--or at least someone who understood the small portion sizes expected by wedding cake bakers.

2) We wanted to keep the top layer to freeze for our one-year anniversary, so that was not included in the total servings for the cake.

3) We wanted to have the cake served to the tables after dinner, so it was easier to make every tier the same type of cake so the servers could just cut it and deliver it. Plus, who doesn't love moist, delicious white wedding cake? Mmmm...

The cake was made by Connie Adams of Heavenly Delight Cakes in Mattoon, IL. She was very professional and had a variety of samples not only in pictures but also in preserved models scattered around her office (generally used for shows, I think). Her website is testimony to her amazing talent in cakes:

She provided the bottom cake plate, and we just had to clean and return it to her after the wedding. She also took care of delivery herself, setting it all up at the reception hall before anyone else had even arrived. Such a professional.

She will make up to 3 sample cakes for you to take home and try out different flavors; we were so in love with her outstanding white cake that we didn't even try her other flavors. Connie is great because she not only makes beautiful cakes, but they taste amazing too. I think we decided to add an extra sheet cake right at the end (which was really unnecessary but made us feel better), so the total came up to somewhere around $400. Not bad for the amount of scrumptious cake that we got. I would highly recommend her for her experience, talent, and just plain tasty cake!

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