Cinderellas Castle Cake

by Charlotte
(Burbank, CA)

Cinderellas Castle Cake

Cinderellas Castle Cake

I actually made this for my own birthday, as no one else got me a cake! So I had some fun! I love Cinderella, so I made her castle!

I went to Michaels and got a castle pan. Poured up the batter and baked. Then I got a simple cake decorating set, that has a bunch of attachments and a reusable icing bag. I then had fun decorating the cake with the different attachments making stone siding, roofing, and mixing different colors for the color of the castle!

The last touches are a little blue sugar glitter in some swirls on the cake, and candles rising off the points in the roof like flags!

Pretty, and enchanted.

The nice thing is that this pan is reusable! Change the colors for halloween, christmas, birthdays, and more!


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