Christmas Wedding Cakes

Styles of Christmas Wedding Cakes: 

It's so romantic to get married on a holiday. Few holidays can top this one for a memorable wedding date. What could possibly make it even more delightful? A fabulous Christmas wedding cake. 

Wedding cakes are a sweet monument to the new couple and the theme for their wedding. The design is filled with possibilities that are only limited by your imagination. 

Here are four styles to get the creative juices flowing. 

Winter Wedding Cake

A traditional wedding style cake with a Christmas theme topper. Husband and wife can be the image of Santa and Mrs. Claus on their wedding day. They can be holding hands, surrounded by deep green wreaths, bright red bows and sparkling silver balls. This leaves plenty of room for the more traditional tiered cake with white frosting below. 

A cake in the style of stacked gift boxes. This theme opens up the opportunity to make each of the tiers for the cake look like a lavishly decorated gift box. The color options are wide open on this type of theme. Each "box" may be decorated in colors stripes and patterns. The favorite colors, shapes, and design of bride, groom, and family may be included. Ribbons and bows, roses and petals, can adorn the cake. The photograph above was taken by Manassas Cakery.  

A cake in the shape of a Christmas tree is a unique choice for a Wedding Christmas cake. The deep green layers of cake can be topped with ribbons of frosting going from point to point on the cake tree branches. The truly creative baker can apply battery operated Christmas lights and decorations for dazzling effect. Small trimmings and snowy white frosting dripped from the edges of the branches bring the tree to like. Small foil wrapped boxes with gifts for the wedding party and attendants can be set around the base. They can be served with the thanks of the happy couple as the slices of cake are served. 

A fourth cake style is to create a formal style white wedding cake, set off with green leaves and red bows and strands of pearls. Lavish white roses or orchids can top off the formal cake. The deep, rich Christmas colors of red and green will provide dramatic contrast for the white frosting, pearls, and flowers. Columns supporting the tiers can be wound with silver tinsel to add sparkle to the Christmas wedding cake. 

A bonus idea is to include elves, reindeer, snow men, and ginger bread characters and create a truly fun Christmas wedding cake village. Add red and white striped candy canes, gum drops, and cookies to fill out the Christmas wedding fantasy. Take the fun to a new heights, have the elves scaling the side of the cake trying to reach the top.  

All these cake and decorating styles leave room for you to select your favorite cake, whether chocolate or vanilla, underneath the spectacular Christmas wedding cake decorations. Have fun, and create a memory that will last a lifetime.                                      

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