Christmas Checkerboard Cake

For the holidays we decided to make a three-layered, red-and-green Christmas checkerboard cake.

We purchased a checkerboard cake pan on eBay for around 13 bucks, which included shipping.

You can probably get a cake pan like this from a store like Hobby Lobby or a local party store, but we like to use eBay for items like this because it just takes a few mouse clicks and we don't have to spend a penny on gas!

For the colors, you can use two boxes of white cake mix (any kind will do) and color one with green food coloring and the other with red.

The way to create the cake is to make one layer with red in the center ring, green in the middle ring and red in the outer ring.

You can see that layer, which was used for the middle layer of the cake, in the picture. If you look closely at the picture you will see that we spilled a bit of the batter on the pan and on the frame that divides the colors when we were spooning it in. It was wiped off carefully, which took an extra minute or so.

Christmas Cake Batter


The bottom and top layers of this cake had the green ring on the inside and outside and the red ring in the middle.

One of those layers is pictured below right after it came out of the oven.


Christmas Checkerboard Cake


We used store-bought, Wilton white decorator icing between the layers and on top. We found that it helped to add a little water to the icing to soften it up and to allow it to spread more easily.

For the color on the icing we used Twinkling Tree Sprinkles, made by Festival, from Hobby Lobby.  We also used some little green, edible flakes (made by Wilton) for extra color.

As you can see in the picture below, some little Christmas trees and a Merry Christmas sign, all purchased at Hobby Lobby, were added to the top of the cake.


Christmas Checkerboard Cake Cut Open


After cutting the cake, of course it was time to enjoy a piece with a glass of cold milk!


Slice Of Christmas Cake With Milk


We hope that this will inspire you to make a fun seasonal cake of your own.

Here are the live checkerboard pans on the eBay auctions. Make a lowball bid for one and you might just gert lucky!

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